Stair Lifts

Accessibility Done Right
When you trust Expert Mobility to help you with your home accessibility needs, you can feel confident that you are getting the best service in the industry. Let our expert's help you today!!!

Stair Lifts

Accessibility is so important, especially when it’s in your own home. Our products can give you back the freedom and independence you are looking for. With multiple designs, from an array of manufacturers, you can feel confidant that Expert Mobility has you covered. Reach out for a in-home consultation today.

Straight Designs

Straight Stair Lifts are the perfect solution to regain access to your home. With the best products and features on the market you can be assured Expert Mobility can get you back on track. Our products offer reliability and comfort and are all outfitted with battery backup, several attractive designs, and so much more… Contact us today for a consultation and let one of our experts help you access the best product for you.

Outside Stairlifts

At Expert Mobility we are focused on giving access back to our customers regardless of the location. Outdoor Stairlifts are a great solution for your home access needs. With a variety of products, from several manufacturers, you can be sure the experts have the right fit for you.

  • Aviator

    Available in three colors Beige, Brown or Red Upholstery
    Weight Capacity 350lbs
    Flip-up Seat, Armrests and Footplate
    Comes with 2 reprogrammable remotes
    Retractable seat belt
    Fully re-handable in minutes
    Compact design folds to 13″ from the wall and less than 8″ track intrusion
    Warranty 5-Year Motor/Gear Box 2-Year on Components
    Smooth, quiet operation with soft start/stop technology


Expert Mobility offers only the best products available on the market. Our Stairlifts offer different weight capacities, several ascetic designs, a variety of customizable features, and are always based on dependability and ease of use.

Elegant and Sturdy

Our Stairlifts are more than just a solution to your accessibility needs. Several elegant design options and a product that is built to last. Enjoy a great product in a style you are sure to love.

Remote Controlled

Your Stairlift should be dependable and convenient, that's why we offer Stairlifts with two programmable remotes. Our experts are here to deliver the best products on the market to your doorstep.

Battery Backup

Dependability is everything when it comes to home access. That's why our Stairlifts have a battery back up system. Even during a power outage you can still depend on your Stairlift to get you where you need to go.